Sunday, January 27, 2008

Homosexuality and Christian Tradition

When I first published On God and Gays (my own freshman level attempt at jumping into a rather contentious debate) in the Canaanite's Call newspaper, I got a pretty severe reaction from a friend and priest in a local Orthodox church.

Among his arguments was that I had abandoned Church Tradition in favor of the "gay political agenda". I'm not sure I've abandoned Tradition, though I most certainly do not agree with the historic sexual teachings of the catholic communions.

In fact, as I took the time to explore the historic teachings on sexuality, I noticed that rather than having new input to chew on over the issue, I found myself simply confused. What is this crazy stuff? I wondered to myself. I felt like I was trying to read a 13th century alchemist's notes written in Greek.

Luckily for me, Fr. Tobias Haller, BSG has a much stronger grasp on the historic teachings of the Church, and on why the Church's teachings make no sense. His eight part series (with more essays to follow), called "The Sex Articles", does a great deal to shed light on what the historic teachings are, and how the historic teachings derive from a misapplication of the work of scholars such as St Thomas Aquinas.

Fr. Haller's essays are an important complement to scriptural study of the issue. Please have a look at his site.

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