Thursday, November 16, 2006

Stop Olympia Anti-Homeless Ordinances!

The Olympia City Council is considering new laws that will effectively criminalize homelessness. Included among the new laws is an ordinance that will create a 6 foot buffer zone from buildings in which it will be illegal to sit on the sidewalk. This will push the homeless out from under the awnings and into the gutter, effectively criminalizing their presence in public.

Tell the City Council to stop hurting the poor! Contact the council at or come to the public hearing on Nov 21st at City Hall: 800 Plum Street SE.

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Harmony Kieding said...

Thanks for the heads up about this! I've passed this on to my homeless discussion forum!

One of our concerns is the increasing amount of criminalization of poor and homeless people by cities and towns. Something is very sick and very wrong when a society makes it a crime for a homeless person to try and sleep, not to mention other activities which ordinary "homed" individuals enjoy without having to even think about twice.

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